19 October 2009

....aaand we're back!

the drive is over & i have finally rested from excitement in san franciso. it was great to see old friends & make some new ones at the APE this weekend. the room was chock full of amazing work, i know i didn't get to see it all, so a big thanks to everyone to stopped by to show their support for our little endeavor... the kind words & dirty looks will forever stay in my heart. that was year2 for me at APE & the plans for year three are already forming, can't wait to see everyone again in 2010.

we're nailing down details for some stops in the next few months... stay tuned.

meanwhile... we've joined the cartel, the bigcartel that is... the absurdunce shop is now open for business. more in the coming days...

09 October 2009

tee minus ate

more troops suiting up for the simian invasion of san francisco... marvin's got his smarty pants on.. be ready.